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it’s not even windy her hair just does that

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He looks like Thor…he speaks like Elrond….he dresses like a vicar…hmm

I’m laughing so hard right now at Romania!!! The dubstep/high pitched/ gayesque song haha


manic pixie dream girl: the song

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I like it when you can’t tell if they’re singing in English or their own language

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Belarus will win

Loreen sang in the semis so she may not be here tonight :( unless she is interval act?

Songs are often about love in Eurovision… How it heals and how it brings peace… Here Belgium is with love kills..
Grahame Norton

if petra had come out dressed like effie trinket and done a speech with a video… finishing with “may the odds be ever in your favour” ..would have made the night

Bonnie is’s a start…